The field of biotelemetry comprises a number of subspecialties, including

   medical telemetry  
        (ambulatory monitoring, bedside monitoring, functional control, telemedicine, radiotracking, telecontrol, teletherapy)
   human research telemetry
   animal telemetry
   implantable telemetry

o Ambulatory Patient Monitoring 
o Ecology 
o Implant telemetry 
o Radio tracking
o Long term monitoring 
o Perinatal 
o Intensive Care 
o Telemedicine
o Occupational and sports 
o Wildlife 
o Satellite tracking
o Telemetry in Agriculture 
o Pacemaker 
o Elderly care

o Biosensors 
o Computer assisted telemetry 
o Digital data transmission
o Miniaturization 
o New designs in biotelemetry 
o New technologies
o Optical telemetry 
o Signal processing 
o Radio telemetry
o Satellite telemetry 
o Ultrasonic telemetry